For joint project success, we rely on close cooperation from start to finish, as little bureaucracy as possible, a fast project set-up and a continuously improving agile planning process.

Understanding the customer

In order for the project to bring the desired success, it is crucial to understand your project and the requirements down to the smallest detail and to acquire the necessary industry knowledge. Especially if it is a replacement of a legacy software or a further development, we will also record the current status quo in detail.

Solution finding / potentials

Using tried and tested methods, suitable solutions are now sought and corresponding tasks defined and estimated. With the resulting project planning, nothing stands in the way of technical implementation.

Developing the software

During the development phase, you can view the current status at any time and with our reporting evaluations you are in control at all times and can actively participate in what is happening. Of course, you can also simply sit back until we present you with the finished solution.

That sounds like a very long process, how can that be efficient?

We try to keep the process as pragmatic and lean as possible. Depending on the size of the project, it can also be very good to get through the whole planning process in one workshop.

Why Altruce?

We have been developing agilely since our foundation and have already implemented countless projects, always keeping overall planning in mind. We would be happy to tell you more about our approach.