Digitisation is the integration of digital technologies into all possible areas of a company. From paperless working to faster business processes, digitalisation brings many benefits to any business.


How can our business benefit from the switch?

By speeding up your processes, you can improve the customer experience, have more time for other tasks and reduce operational costs.

How long does the digitisation process take?

This strongly depends on the size of the company and how many business divisions they operate. However, it is advisable to introduce digitisation gradually.

What is the procedure?

First, a DMA (Digital Maturity Assessment) is prepared within the business analysis. This identifies digitisation potential and states which areas have which degree of digitisation. Afterwards, the appropriate methodologies can be defined on the basis of the analysis and digitisation can be started with the corresponding dialogue.

How can we ensure the security of our data?

With the installation of robust security measures such as access management, firewalls, encryption procedures and with security audits, the security of the data can be guaranteed.

Why Altruce for Digitisation?

Altruce reliably and professionally supports you and your company to step into digitisation and to use the advantages of the new technologies for your company.