Have you not yet found a software product that completely covers your requirements and are looking for a competent partner for the development of your individual software?

Since our foundation, we have specialised in the creation of software and, thanks to our broad team of developers and the trust of our customers, we can draw on a large repertoire of diverse development projects and thus provide you with ideal support for your project.


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How do I know if custom development is right for me?

If you want to expand an existing software or if a standard software cannot cover your needs, then our individual developments can help you. You should also carry out a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the software to be developed also fulfils the desired business value. Costs can be positively counteracted with good planning, communication and implementation.

How can I make sure that the software doesn’t end up costing me more than it brings in?

Through our advanced cost controlling, our PMTs (project management tools), the transparency, cost guidelines in our software projects can be increased and the degree of completion can be viewed at any time.

What quality can I expect?

Quality software is characterised by a user-friendly interface, high functionality and reliability, good performance and availability, as well as high security and data protection. Good documentation and support round off the overall picture of our high-quality software.

Why Altruce for Development?

Altruce has specialised in the software development of applications and has been doing this for several years. We stand out from the competition thanks to our knowledge of niche technologies, our exceptional price/performance ratio and our fast and high-quality implementation. Contact us today and learn more about us.