At Altruce, we take the protection of your personal data very seriously. This means that we treat your data - which you provide to us or which we collect in the course of our interactions with you - confidentially and strictly adhere to statutory data protection regulations. The following statement gives you an overview of how this protection is guaranteed and what data is collected for what purpose. Insofar as personal data is collected on our pages, this is done on a voluntary basis. As a matter of principle, we neither pass on your data to third parties nor do we make it accessible to third parties. This personal data may come from you directly or from third parties with whom we interact. Any time you provide us with information about others, we assume that you are authorised to do so and that the information is accurate. It is your responsibility to ensure that these individuals are aware of our privacy practices. We would like to point out that data transmission on the Internet (for example, when communicating by e-mail) can have security gaps. Complete protection of data against access by third parties is not possible. Our website, services and products are designed to treat your data with the utmost respect and care. When you contact us through the website, enter into a contract with us or use our products and services, data may be collected and used as described in this privacy policy. This privacy statement complies with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA). The exact applicability of these laws may vary depending on the situation. Altruce GmbH in Wädenswil ("Altruce") is responsible under data protection law for the processing of data as outlined in this privacy statement, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

What data do we use?

Communication data

When you contact us - whether through our contact form, email, telephone, letter or other means - we store the relevant data from that exchange, including your contact details. If we record telephone conversations or video conferences, we will inform you in advance. You can decide whether or not to allow these recordings. If you require identification from us, e.g. for media access, we will collect the necessary data for this, such as a copy of your ID. Communication data is normally stored for 12 months, for emails or letters up to 10 years.

Core data

This is basic information such as name, contact details, role, bank details, date of birth and customer history. We use this if you are our customer, apply or for other business reasons; for example, also for contracts. The source of the master data may be from you, your workplace or public sources such as the internet. Sometimes they include health data. Master data is usually stored between 1 and 10 years, but no longer than necessary. For marketing-only contacts, the retention period is usually no more than 2 years. The storage period may be extended if compliance with legal or contractual requirements or technical reasons require it.

Online tracking and optimised user experience

On our website, we use special methods to track your activities. This allows us and some third party providers we work with to track your interactions across multiple visits. Here we explain how and why. The main aim of these techniques is to ensure that your visit can be distinguished from other users. This allows us to display the website correctly and provide personalised experiences. Our aim is not to identify you. Even without such data, you may be individually recognised on each visit by a unique feature such as a "cookie". What are "cookies"? Cookies are small text files that websites store on a user's device to store and retrieve information about their activities and preferences. They are often used to optimise user experiences and provide website functionality. We use these methods and also allow selected third parties to do so. You are in control and can set your browser to block, modify or remove cookies. There are also tools that prevent unwanted tracking. You can find more info about this in your browser's help or on the websites of the third-party providers we use. Some cookies are essential for the smooth operation of our website. For example, they enable you to navigate on different pages without losing data. Temporary cookies ("session cookies") are deleted after your visit. If you block them, the website may not function properly. There are also more long-term cookies that store your preferences, such as language or consents, and remain valid for up to 24 months. To continuously improve our website, we use cookies that show us how you use the website. We also work with external analytics services to do this. These performance cookies also remain active for up to 24 months. You can obtain further details directly from the relevant third-party providers.

Your data rights

According to data protection laws, you have various rights regarding the processing of your data. You can object to the processing of your data, especially for direct marketing. You have the right to know what data we have about you. If your data is incorrect, you can request that it be corrected. You can request the deletion of your data. You can request that your data be transferred to another provider or issued in a standard electronic format. If our data processing is based on your consent, you can withdraw it. In the case of automated decisions, you can request a review by a person. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us in writing or by email. To prevent misuse, we require confirmation of your identity, for example a copy of your ID. Other organisations working with us also recognise these rights. Contact these organisations directly if you wish to exercise your rights in relation to their data processing. Note that certain conditions or exceptions may apply to these rights, for example to protect third parties. We will inform you if this is the case. If you are dissatisfied with our data processing, let us know.


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